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Rannels Rustics
2068 Skyline Dr., Glasgow, PA  16644
(814) 330-9661
At Rannels Rustic Log Furniture, there is a wide array of furniture and
decorations, each created  from pieces cut right from the Appalachian Forests in
Pennsylvania, kiln dried and varnished to an immaculate shine.  Despite having a similar
product, many places that would advertise similar furniture lack both the quality and the
uniqueness that we provide.  Every piece is handmade from the ground up, and just as no
two trees are alike, no two pieces of furniture are alike.  

We also plant trees to replace what we have taken, making for a very "green" operation,
and once the wood is gathered and stock piled, the real work begins, as Ben designs and
hand carves each piece freehand, assembling the logs, branches and boards into
whatever happens to be the next on the list, be it a table, a dresser, or a bench for

We take custom orders daily.  It takes about 3 to 4 weeks to complete an order.    
Remember you do not have to own a lodge, cabin, or a resort to decorate your home in
this rustic log furniture.  Each home can have
"a little piece of the woods!"
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